Help Reduce Plastic Pollution

Green Twig’s vision is to make a real difference and help the global effort to achieve a clean, toxic-free healthy environment for our future generation by stopping plastic pollution.   

One dump truck full of plastic waste enters our ocean every minute. That’s 8 million tons of plastic every year impacting marine wildlife and people. WWF is fighting for a world with no plastic in nature by 2030.

According to the world economic forum 2016, total packaging waste in 2015 was 141 million tonnes. Out of 141million tonnes, only 14 % entered into recycling but only 2% of them recycled effectively as shown in figure 1.8

Our mission is to inspire the businesses and individuals to stop using the single-use plastic by offering alternative solution at affordable price to food industry at affordable price.

Biodegradable and Compostable Food Packaging at The Lowest Price

We offer the best quality environment friendly food packaging and tableware for the lowest price in the market. Will match to the lowest price if you find lower price anywhere else.

Our product range include Compostable Coffee Cups , Biodegradable Burger Boxes , Compostable Clamshells , Natural Areca Palm Leaf Plates and Bowls , Sugarcane Bagasse Soup Food Containers , Biodegradable Bowls , Biodegradable Carry Bags , Compostable Cold Cups , Compostable Cutlery , Compostable Straws and Paper Straws.

Circular Economy and Stop Climate Change

In contrast to linear model (take-make-waste) with single-use plastic , our products encourage the circular economy with our biodegradable plastic products. The idea behind the circular economy system with plastics is that there would be no waste or pollution after use. The bioplastic products can be composted and can be reused back into the system.

By using our plant-based plastics or plant-based bagasse or areca products , we avoid using oil and gas from earth to produce petroleum based plastic which leaks green-house gases that contributes to global warming and climate change.

Compliance with International and Europe Standards

All our biodegradable and compostable food products are BPI certified , ASTM D6400 complaint and European EN13432 standard wherever required.