The Economical Eco

The Economical Eco

Affordability is forefront of our campaign to replace plastic products with Biodegradable products.

The advent of plant-based compostable, biodegradable products and areca palm based natural products undeniably help both the responsible individuals and businesses reduce conventional plastic waste greatly in the recent times. The eco-friendly products are widely available online or in shelves more readily now than ever before, however the sticking point to achieve the common goal of plastic-free environment collectively is these products are too pricey compared to conventional plastic products.

These environment friendly products are often appeared to be very expensive and the affordability of is seemingly neglected. We take this deterrent very seriously at Green Twigs and work with our partners to come up with inventive products to be affordable for all walks of life as it is very fundamental to attain our common goal – Reduce Plastic Waste

Our aim is to help people wherever we could to cut down the plastic waste and as a result we forgo our profit margin significantly towards achieving the affordability of our biodegradable, compostable and all eco products for all walks of life.

Green Twigs strive to make its prices are the lowest on the market.

Lowest Price Guaranteed.

If the same product is found for less, we will match it.

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