Areca Palm Plates

What are Areca Palm Products?

Areca Palm Leaf Products are also called Palm Leaf Products and Areca Palm Products. These products are made from sheath of Areca palm tree (Scientific name: Areca Catechu). The sheaths fall from the trees and these are collected to make these products. To be blunt, they are not made from leaves but from the sheaths, however they are widely known as Palm Leaf Products or Areca Palm Leaf Products. These products are also often known as simply Areca Palm Products.

How are Areca Palm Plates and Bowls made?

No trees are cut to produce these natural non-toxic green products. Only the fallen dried sheaths are used in production of Areca palm plates and bowls. The dried sheaths are cleaned thoroughly in water to remove dirt and dust. The cleaning process is done manually and during cleaning process the sheaths absorb water that makes them flexible and ready for making the plates and bowls or any cutlery.

The sheaths are fed into machines and pressed with various sizes of dies. The dies come in different shapes and sizes. Depends on the size of a sheath, more than one product can be made from a single sheath. A certain level of moister and heat should be maintained during the pressing process to avoid cracking and when the sheath is pressed against a die, it is made into a plate or bowl with the desired size of the die.

After the plate or bowl is made, a fumigation process takes place to ensure that the material is safe to contact with food and our areca products come with Fumigation certificate which is cleared by customs.

What are the benefits of using the Areca Palm Tableware?

Undoubtedly, all biodegradable products are good replacement for conventional plastic and some of them are commercially compostable. However, the Areca Palm Leaf Tableware has inherent benefits.

Areca Palm Tableware are free from additives, coatings and 100% natural. 

Sustainability is not a problem with Areca products as these environment friendly products are produced from fallen palm sheaths. Areca Palm Leaf Tableware are naturally compostable which means you could just thrown them into your home compost or backyard. It does not require industrial composting facility unlike PLA and CPLA products.

Areca Palm Plates, Areca Palm Bowls and Areca Palm Cutlery are natural products and biodegrade in a normal condition much quicker than other bio-degradable products. Unlike petroleum based plastic products , Areca products break down to earth naturally and rapidly without harming the evnironment.

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