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PLA stands for Poly Lactic Acid. PLA is biodegradable and derived from renewable sources such as Corn Starch, Sugarcane etc. PLA is also known as bio-plastics that are compostable within 90 days as compared to synthetic petroleum based products that may take upto thousands of years to decompose.

CPLA is Crystallized PLA. CPLA is harder than PLA for more heat resistance. PLA has low melting point and heat resistance up to 70 C whereas CPLA has very high resistance and can sometimes goes up to 140 C.

Biodegradable material can be decomposed by micro-organism and will return to nature in very short time. Compostable material is bio-degradable but not all bio-degradable materials are compostable. Compostable material is not just return to earth but it becomes nutrient-rich soil that is great for plants.


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