Be part of the solution ; not part of the Plastic Pollution

The fossil based conventional plastics take centuries to break down and when it breaks own, it disintegrate into smaller particles that are absorbed into the environment and oceans. These micro plastics are more hazardous than its original form ever was. Moreover, the plastic is a major contributor to climate change. The drilling of oil and gas as a source for plastics production releases greenhouse gases, the gases that are warming the planet. The incineration of plastics also releases greenhouse gases.

It is now time to act to stop the climate change.

There is a huge ongoing global effort from various organisations and research centres in finding innovative products to replace the conventional plastics with a more viable environment friendly, biodegradable and compostable materials. There are numerous research and development of finding such biodegradable and compostable materials have been ongoing for years now. A number of new materials are already coming into the market. More and more people are realizing the danger of conventional plastic and shifting from the conventional plastic to a more eco friendly products such as biodegradable, compostable bio-plastics.

The following table illustrates various categories of bio-based, bio-degradable plastics available in the current market.

The following table illustrates various categories of bio-based, bio-degradable plastics available in the current market.

BIO-DEGRADABLE Bioplastic such as PLA PBS and PHA Bioplastic such as PCL and PBAT
NON-BIODEGRADABLE Bioplastic such as PET, PTT, PA and PE Conventional plastics

In the above table, you will see a group bio-plastics based on the products they are made of (start of life) and how they are disposed (end of life) after use. Not all bio-plastics are biodegradable and not all biodegradable bioplastics are made from bio-based (made from plant).

Some of our popular bio-degradable, compostable bio-plastic products to food services are:

PLA Portion Pots

The portion ports are made from plant and commercially compostable.

PLA Cold Cups ( PLA Clear Cups )

PLA cold cups are suitable for cold drinks and juices, They are biodegradable , compostable and made from plant based compostable bio-plastic material.

PLA Straws

The PLA straws are biodegradable , Compostable and eco straws. They are strong and ideal for all types of drinks. They are made from plant-based bioplastic material.

CPLA Cutlery

Our cutlery are very strong and high temperature resistant , yet they are biodegradable , compostable and made from plant-based bioplastic material. They come in different colours.

Compostable coffee cups (coated with PLA – Poly Lactic Acid)

Our compostable coffee cups are come in different sizes. They are made from bio-plastic material which is plant-based.

Compostable coffee cup lids (CPLA – Crystallized Poly Lactic Acid)

Compostable coffee cup lids are made of CPLA , a variant of PLA which is a plant-based bio plastic. The lids are high heat-resistant and come in different colours.

Biodegradable Soup Containers (PLA coated)

The compostable soup containers are made from sugarcane bagasse paper coated with PLA to be heat resistant. They are biodegradable and made from plant-based bio-plastic.

Compostable Soup Container Lids (CPLA)

The soup container lids are made of plant based bio-plastic called CPLA. They are very high heat resistant.

All our bio-plastic products are BPI certified , EN-13432 certified and ASTM-D6400 certified.

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