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Are the PLA containers and CPLA cutlery truly compostable

PLA and CPLA are biodegradable plastics made from renewable sources such as corn or sugarcane. A viable alternative to single use plastic indeed. PLA and CPLA are not just biodegradable but also compostable which is proclaimed by the manufactures of PLA cups, PLA food containers and CPLA cutlery. But the real questions are

Are these PLA and CPLA products truly compostable?

Are these compostable plastics a true credible alternative to conventional plastic?

As a consumer you must take the right choice especially when you are overwhelmed with too many jargon, new materials, and numerous different manufacturing processes by various companies.

When it comes to bio-plastics or bio-degradable plastics, one must pay very close attention to what material they are made of and, what process they are made out of. Whatever the material and the process used to produce these bioplastic products, the compostable plastics require a specific conditions to break down, and Industrial composting facilities are the best conditions to get compost or useful resources from compostable plastics.

If you purchase the compostable plastic products from Green Twigs such as PLA portion pots, Compostable coffee cups, PLA clear cups, CPLA cutlery and PLA straws, these products are required to be disposed of with industrial composting waste collection alongside with or without food waste.

We help out our customers in finding a suitable composting facility in their area or closest area available. If you are not able to find one nearer to your place, it is always worth checking with your local council for information.

Consumers need to look for whether these compostable plastic packaging products are certified by European standard EN13432 and BPI standards. Please check our certification page for various standards certification our biodegradable and compostable products tested for.

At Green Twigs, our PLA, CPLA and sugarcane compostable products by EN13432 and BPI.

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